June 25, 2022, 9:36

    Lewis Hamilton shares gruelling regime to get over Mercedes bouncing for Canadian GP

    Lewis Hamilton shares gruelling regime to get over Mercedes bouncing for Canadian GP

    Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton has revealed the recovery regime he is committed to grinding through in order to overcome back pain to be fit for this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix.

    The seven-time world champion struggled with major back discomfort at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku last weekend, with the Brit struggling to exit his car as he was in visible physical pain after finishing P4. Hamilton’s injury largely came about due to his Mercedes W13’s porpoising.

    The octuple world champions have struggled with severe porpoising as their cars have been bouncing uncontrollably following the new regulations and car designs implemented for the 2022 season. The porpoising issues have plagued the early rounds of the 2022 season for Mercedes, as neither Hamilton nor teammate Russell have been able to truly compete with the likes of Ferrari and Red Bull due to the uncontrollable rattling of their car.

    Throughout the weekend in Baku last time out, Hamilton regularly complained about the ‘bouncing’ and was seen clutching his back after the race. There were rumours that Hamilton would have to pull out of the Montreal event this weekend, but the 37-year-old has revealed he is working tirelessly with physiotherapist Angela Cullen to return to fitness.

    Hamilton showcased his new daily routine, including rounds of acupuncture, cryotherapy and stretching in attempt to sort his back issues out. Sharing a picture of himself and Cullen mid-physio on Instagram, Hamilton wrote: “I’m forever grateful to have @cullen_angela with me on the road.

    “I would be lost without her. We've been working each day… stretching, acupuncture and cryo to recover. I'm feeling a lot better and today been able to do my first run. Pushing through.”

    Lewis Hamilton posted the image of his recovery regime with Angela Cullen to social media ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix

    Hamilton was believed to be an injury doubt for the next round of the F1 season after he suffered back discomfort in Baku thanks to the aforementioned porpoising. However, the Brit took to social media to confirm he will take part this weekend.

    In an Instagram story, Hamilton said: “Sunday was tough and had some troubles sleeping but have woken up feeling positive today. Back is a little sore and bruised but nothing serious, thankfully.

    “I’ve had acupuncture and physio with Ang [Angela Cullen] and am on the way to my team to work with them on improving [the car]. We have to keep fighting. No time like the present to pull together and we will.

    “I’ll be there this weekend, wouldn’t miss it for the world. Wishing everybody an amazing day and week.”

    Lewis Hamilton was in clear discomfort as he exited his Mercedes after the conclusion of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

    Formula 1 via Getty Images)

    Do you think Lewis Hamilton can finish on the podium at the 2022 Canadian Grand Prix? Let us know in the comments section.

    Hamilton is not the only racer on the grid struggling with porpoising, and teammate Russell has even declared it is only a matter of time before the bouncing caused an accident as drivers are disorientated and struggle to see where they are going. The FIA responded by insisting they will investigate the cause of why this generation’s cars are bouncing so violently at top speed.

    The consequences of the governing body’s investigation could spell bad news for the Silver Arrows though, as the FIA may opt to impose stricter rules regarding driver safety that inadvertently slow their car. Mercedes have struggled with porpoising and tried to combat it only to trigger another problem where their cars bottom out whenever they hit a bump in the road.

    The FIA could therefore set a limit on ride height, which would mean Mercedes could potentially be forced to increase the height of their cars – and lose plenty of their intended aerodynamic advantage. A lower speed would be very much undesired as Mercedes battle Ferrari and Red Bull, with their rivals proving to be faster in 2022.

    The 22-race F1 2022 campaign continues with the Canadian Grand Prix around the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on June 19.

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