June 24, 2021, 11:04

    England and Gareth Southgate Euro 2020 chances rated

    England and Gareth Southgate Euro 2020 chances rated

    With a month of EURO 2020 ahead of us, there is no doubt there will be some twists, turns and possibly some heartbreaks for England fans, commentators and players along the way.

    As the eternal optimists of European football, England fans will always have faith that the boys can bring it home and claim victory at Wembley in July.

    The potential in Gareth Southgate’s squad is clear and all fans are waiting with anticipation to see how they perform on the international stage.

    Once the nation finally gets to see the Three Lions in action, we want to know if you think they can come away with Euro 2020 glory.

    Every day, we will be gauging the nation's mood to see how you think Southgate's squad are faring amongst the European elite.

    Just move the Southgate slider along and let us know if you really think there is a chance that football could be coming home. You can also sign up for our special EURO 2020 email updates afterwards as well.

    Along the way, we will update you all with the mood of the nation and you can see if you are alone in your hope or if the rest of the country is with you.

    And we also want to hear YOUR thoughts on how likely England are to win it – and if you still back Southgate to bring football home – throughout the tournament.

    To do so, simply sign up and leave a comment below to debate EURO 2020 with other fans.

    Do England have no chance… or is Football Coming Home? It's time for you to decide.

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