June 29, 2022, 0:36

    Elle Brooke claims OnlyFans star Astrid Wett put family at risk after boxing row

    Elle Brooke claims OnlyFans star Astrid Wett put family at risk after boxing row

    Elle Brooke has accused rival Astrid Wett of putting her family at risk by releasing personal details as their feud escalates.

    The pair were planning to settle their vicious hostilities in the boxing ring and both attended a press conference to promote their scheduled fight in July. However, Wett has since withdrawn from the event over fears for her safety after Brooke brought out a coffin with a blow-up doll inside sporting a cut-out of her face.

    Brooke has now responded to Wett's withdrawal on social media, tweeting: "Not Astrid suddenly deciding to have a moral compass after fat-shaming me, and releasing my legal name and location to millions of people putting my entire family in danger. Just come out and have the guts to say you couldn’t handle the heat."

    Wett instantly fired back on Twitter, writing: "I have never doxed you, I only said your first name which is available to the public. I never put your address out, you’re stupid enough to put your full address on companies house?? Don’t blame me. Your full name was posted in August 2021 that’s how I know."

    Wett was training with renowned coach Mark Tibbs for her boxing debut, which was set to take place in London on July 16. The OnlyFans star was then involved in two physical altercations with Brooke on stage at the press conference as tempers spilled over.

    The social media star has revealed that she felt disrespected after her rival's coffin stunt, which left her no choice but to pull out of the fight. “I am withdrawing from the event on July 16 against Elle Brooke," Wett said during a video on her YouTube channel. “I wanted to prove to everybody that a porn star can do something different. With the boxing, I wanted it to be well respected and change the opinion on girls that are in the same line of work.

    Who would you like to see Elle Brooke fight after Astrid Wett's withdrawal? Let us know in the comments section below.

    “Talking about the press conference on Wednesday, I was on edge the whole time. Elle was allowed to bring a coffin onto the stage during the press conference, the day after somebody tragically lost their life in the boxing ring. I understand this funny beef back and forth, I can take that, but that is just something you don’t joke about. So to bring a coffin onto the stage is disgusting.

    "Where is the respect? Even after the event, I alerted them and Elle’s team of the situation and nobody apologised. I was assaulted at the face-off and then again after. Elle grabbed my face and then kicked me pretty hard in the stomach, which is fine, I can take that.

    "But I was the one who was picked up and dragged off the stage. She stayed on with a mic and continued to slander me during Ed and Simon’s face-off, to which at that point I couldn’t defend myself because I’d already been dragged off the stage."

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