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    ‘The dog must die’: Cringe Richard Madeley gaffes that prove GMB host is Alan Partridge

    ‘The dog must die’: Cringe Richard Madeley gaffes that prove GMB host is Alan Partridge

    Replacing Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain is no easy job – but one man has proved just as capable at waking up the nation.

    Stand-in host Richard Madeley has sent social media into meltdown this week with his hilarious – and utterly bizarre – takes on the week's hottest news stories.

    Reflecting on a teacher remortgaging her home to save her dog's life, the 65-year-old on Monday asked viewers: "What price do you put on your pet's care? Is there a point where you just say, 'Too expensive, the dog has to die?"

    The blunt suggestion went viral on Twitter, with one user writing, "The man's a great watch", while another said: "He comes out with some absolute gems."

    The veteran host – who is favourite to take the reins of the ITV show full-time – is truly one of a kind, though his tone-deaf outbursts have drawn more than a few comparisons with Steve Coogan's fictional TV star Alan Partridge.

    So without further ado, we present the overwhelming evidence that Richard is turning into North Norfolk radio's finest export. Back of the net!

    Presenting gaffes: 'To touch or not to touch?'

    Following the rise of the Me Too movement in 2017, Westminster politicians faced allegations of inappropriate conduct.

    Appearing on GMB, Richard came at the issue from a strange angle – channelling Shakespeare and, according to viewers, a big dose of Partridge.

    Speaking to camera, he said: "And that's one of the questions of the day. To touch or not to touch? When is it appropriate and when is it not? We'll be talking about that very soon."

    It's far from the only occasion Richard has put his foot in it – all in the name of live television.

    Once interviewing a group of Primordial Dwarves, he asked: "Do you find that people patronize you? That means they talk down to you."

    While making the documentary Madeley Meets the Squatters, he didn't quite manage to connect with his interviewees.

    In a heartfelt admission to the camera, he said: “I have to confess, as someone who is lucky enough to own more than one home, I know nothing about squatting.”

    Closing off an emotional interview with a man who was left crying after meeting the paramedics who saved his life, Richard again failed to read the room.

    “Stop crying!" he cried. "This is supposed to make you happy! Anyway after the break, the biggest dog in the UK. And he really is big. Don’t miss it!”

    To President Clinton: 'I was wronged by the press too – unlike you I was innocent'

    Richard and his wife Judy Finnigan, 73, scored a huge coup back in 2004 when it was revealed they would be interviewing Bill Clinton on their Channel 4 show.

    Appearing a year after the pair grilled his wife, Hillary, the former US president was promoting his best-selling autobiography My Life.

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    A fearless interviewer, Richard wasn't afraid to broach the scandal surrounding Clinton's exit from office in 2001, following an affair with White House staffer Monica Lewinsky.

    “I know what it’s like to be wronged by the press," he said. "I was once accused of shoplifting. Unlike you though, I knew I was innocent.”

    On wife Judy: 'I doused my balls in icy water before intercourse'

    Long-suffering Judy struck up a famous TV partnership with Richard back in the Eighties, co-hosting This Morning from 1988 until 2001.

    But over the years, she's had to endure a fair amount of over-sharing from her husband about her family life.

    Judy Finnigan and Richard Madeley first hosted This Morning back in 1988
    (Image: PA)

    Reflecting on their time between the sheets, Richard once told the British public: “When me and Judy were trying to conceive, I used to douse my balls in icy water before intercourse.”

    Another time, he mused: "Remember when you had thrush Judy? You had a terrible time of it."

    When Judy once revealed she once dreamed of becoming a doctor, he shot her down, saying: "No, you would have ended up killing everybody."

    And after she once misjudged a viewer's age, he laughed: "Ha ha, she failed maths. She did, she did!"

    If a marriage can survive that, it can survive anything.

    On celebrities: 'Get Keira Knightly some make-up – she looks like a crack wh*re'

    Like any top day-time TV host, Richard has grilled some of the biggest celebrities in the world – and they haven't been spared his irreverent sense of humour.

    Interviewing Keira Knightly, he yelled to his production team: “Can we get some make-up please? Get Keira looking like a crack wh*re… she’d make a good crack wh*re!”

    When Faye Tozer from Steps and tenor Russell Watson appeared on his show, he was characteristically direct in his appraisal of their careers so far.

    Addressing the pair, he said: “I always thought both of your music was a bit crap but this is quite good.”

    Not beating around the bush with Sophie Ellis Bextor, he asked: "Where did you get your face?"

    Meanwhile, when fellow presenter John Fashnu said his nightmares were so bad he often woke up with his bed saturated, Richard replied: "With sweat?"

    'Doing a Donald Trump' after fake tan disaster

    Richard's famous gaffes extend beyond his quips. In 2019, GMB fans had to adjust their TV sets after being dazzled by his distinctly orange fake tan.

    The star's complexion shone brighter than ever as he filled in for Piers while he was away on an Easter break.

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    "Has # RichardMadeley had a fight with a bottle of fake tan & let it win?!" one fan wrote after spotting his new look.

    Addressing the uproar last month on Loose Women, Richard admitted he was still haunted by the appearance.

    He explained that he hadn't intended to be tanned at all, but had mistakenly grabbed a tube of darkening agent while looking for moisturiser.

    He said: "3.30am in the kitchen, my face was dry from shaving, I put on some moisturiser, got in the car, drove in.

    "Flash forward to 8am and I could hear the director in the gallery whispering to people and there was giggling going on.

    "They said, 'You're trending Richard.' And I said, 'Why?' And they said, because you're going darker and darker and darker. I had. I was doing a Donald Trump!"

    He continued: "It turned out, what I'd done is, at 3am, I'd put my daughter's artificial tan on and it was strong stuff. It was humiliating.

    "But the attention that that got! That's funny and it was very funny."

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