September 23, 2021, 23:07

    Love Island’s Body Shop advert breaks masturbation taboo with saucy self-love advert

    Love Island’s Body Shop advert breaks masturbation taboo with saucy self-love advert

    The Body Shop UK has taken a bold step into an area which is previously a taboo subject – the business of self-pleasure.

    They have launched a TV campaign which will run alongside the latest Love Island series on ITV2 and it moves their campaign on from Self Love, which featured Jameela Jamil, last year.

    The beauty company have said that the new campaign will once again revoke the importance of empowering, embodying and raise the awards of self love and everything that comes with it.

    Body Shop is also hoping to break down some of the boundaries surrounding the normally taboo subject of masturbation.

    “Self Love Street” depicts three housemates using alternative ways to love themselves by focusing on three key issues: rejection in love, the need for external validation and body image.

    The Body Shop UK campaign will run alongside Love Island
    (Image: ITV)

    Fran, Olivia and Leila all struggle with these challenges.

    They all look to act against self-doubt, and we see them transition to powerful expressions of self-love.

    The first paints a self portrait to achieve an ultimate authentic selfie; another plays her guitar to herself rather than others; and a third lights a candle as she begins the act of masturbation.

    Ben Hooper, creative partner and co-founder of Wax/On told Campaign : “Because Love Island was picked as the space to play in, we decided to create our own version of what a reality show might be, while acknowledging the triggers for self-doubt that come from watching those kinds of programmes.

    “A big part of the Body Shop is that it wants to appeal to as many different people as possible.

    "We couldn't replicate what was going on in Love Island , so we had to create something which was much more believable much more real."

    Love Island has helped inspire the new Body Shop campaign
    (Image: ITV)

    Ben continued: “The most important thing we wanted to do was set up self-doubt in a way that people could understand So, social media is obviously one of the biggest triggers in terms of negative messaging and trolling.

    "And the rejection you get on dating apps, which is everyday and people really understand it.

    “And then we wanted our expressions of self-love to be fun and interesting and different. We have to remember as well that we were communicating with the younger audiences, this is specifically designed to talk to Gen Z."

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