December 3, 2021, 14:57

    Holly Willoughby was ‘constantly embarrassed’ at school because of being dyslexic

    Holly Willoughby was ‘constantly embarrassed’ at school because of being dyslexic

    Holly Willoughby has told how she felt 'constantly embarrassed' reading aloud at school before finding support from an 'inspirational' teacher' who spotted her dyslexia.

    The This Morning host, shared her own experience during a segment on today's show sparked after singer Adele was reunited with her own teacher during an ITV Audience With on Sunday night.

    Adele broke down in tears as she was reunited with her old English teacher, Ms McDonald, from Chestnut Grove School in Balham.

    Recalling her own experience, Holly said; "My favourite teacher who was incredible was called Mrs Williamson. She was an English teacher and I did not get my dyslexia diagnosis until just before my GCSEs, which is late.

    Holly says some of the mistakes she makes on This Morning are due to her dyslexia

    "So for a long time at school I hated reading out loud because I could not read very well, I would get mixed up and I was constantly embarrassed."

    "She always took me aside. She spent a lot of time with me and really took the time. Even in break times. She would never make me feel stupid. She was called Mrs Williamson."

    Holly has previously told how the learning disorder broke her confidence but has since taken the "power" back as she heads into her 40s.

    The mum-of-three told Red magazine: "I’ve struggled with dyslexia since I was young and it used to hold me back.

    Holly opens up about her teacher who helped her with her reading struggles and spotted her dyslexia

    "It still happens now – most of the mistakes I make on This Morning are because of it, but it doesn’t do what it did to me back then because I don’t let it have power. I now know that it’s all about how you package it in your head."

    Holly uses coloured scripts to help her prepare for the show.

    And her dyslexia is something she has shared with her life-long friend, who released a children's book, Conker the Chameleon, which teaches kids that it's OK to ask for help.

    Holly Willoughby shares rare pic with one of her kids and her friends new book


    Sharing to Instagram Holly posted at the time: "Today is a very important day for one of my oldest friends @h.j.peckham … we met on our first day of school and eventually moved into our first flat in London together… we’ve been through a lot!

    "Probably something that bonded us hugely was the fact we are both dyslexic… that’s why this post is even more special and actually writing this I feel very emotional."

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