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    Holly Willoughby admits she was horrified as she fell in love with husband

    Holly Willoughby admits she was horrified as she fell in love with husband

    Holly Willoughby was horrified when she realised she was falling in love with her husband.

    The This Morning presenter met her now spouse Dan Baldwin on the set of her Saturday morning show, and she admits their eventual romance took her by surprise as they were just really good friends at first and she didn't predict it turning romantic.

    Holly shared the sweet moment she knew she was in love with husband Dan as the panellists discussed love at first sight on today's edition of Loose Women – but Holly also confessed she panicked when she realised she loved him deeper than a friend.

    Holly recalled falling in love with Dan


    Speaking on the ITV show today, she recalled: "We met on Saturday mornings when we were doing that and we became like really ridiculously close friends and it was like this intensity of friendship for quite a long time – say 10 to 15 weeks or something.

    "I remember cheers-ing him with a glass and looking at him and I was like, oh my god I fancy him. I fancy my friend."

    The couple have been together for years

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    Holly went on to admit the whole thing took her by surprise – but in hindsight, she realised she was just falling for him.

    "And it took me so by surprise and I thought, oh gosh what's just happened?" she added, "And the relationship carried on and I think in hindsight looking back, I think I was actually falling in love with him.

    "I think that's what that intensity was, but I didn't necessarily recognise it."

    The pair are happier than ever

    Holly previously revealed the secret to her and Dan's long relationship.

    Speaking about their romance, she shared: "I have a very happy relationship with my husband. I love him, I still fancy him – which is fantastic. I'm very blessed in many, many ways."

    "We’re very honest with each other, we listen to each other," she said, "I love him and he loves me. We respect each other and we probably drive each other round the twist. But we give each other space for that as well."

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