June 16, 2021, 14:02

    Chanelle Hayes suffers from panic attacks as her ‘stress levels hit 100’

    Chanelle Hayes suffers from panic attacks as her ‘stress levels hit 100’

    Chanelle Hayes has been open about the weight loss journey she has been on recently, after shedding an impressive seven stone.

    And the Big Brother star showed off a slimmer looking face as she opened up with fans about her struggles with stress and panic attacks in a candid upload posted on her social media account.

    Taking to her Instagram Story, Chanelle posted a photo of herself with a face covering on as she confessed her stress levels were "at 100".

    Uploading the selfie for her 111,000 followers to see, Chanelle wrote over it, "Stress level", alongside a string of the 100 emojis.

    Chanelle admitted her stress levels were at 100
    (Image: Instagram)

    And in another post, she asked fans for their advice on how to deal with panic attacks in public.

    "Panic attacks in public places … how do you curb your symptoms?" she wrote over another selfie.

    Chanelle's weight loss has been nothing short of incredible and she recently admitted she is enjoying things so much more now she is smaller, as the hot weather used to be "unbearable" for her.

    Posting a side by side shot, she wrote: "I have definitely enjoyed the hot weather much more this year. Losing so much body fat has made the heat enjoyable instead of unbearable."

    Chanelle recently posted side by side photos, showing her dramatic weight loss
    (Image: chanellehayes/Instagram)

    "Plus, this summer I can actually fit down the treehouse slide which Frankie has loved because I can actually play with him this year. (Blakely still maintains I am uncool and embarrassing regardless of whether I can fit down the slide or not lol)."

    And while she was gutted to not be going away on holiday to Turkey or Mexico, Yorkshire was sunny enough for her.

    "No holidays abroad for us this year anymore, but Costa del Yorkshire is good enough for us. We had Turkey and Mexico cancelled," she added.

    Chanelle is now comfortably in the nine stone range and took to Instagram to share her excitement with fans, who have been keeping up with her weight loss journey.

    Chanelle has been documenting her weight loss with fans

    "So I hit a personal goal recently and now weigh back inside the 9 stones! But not everything is about what it says on the scales," she wrote in an honest caption.

    "My weight and addiction to food has held me back for so many years I have to pinch myself when I remember I am healthy again and can fit into clothes without a crying episode in the changing rooms."

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